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Art and Attitude

Posted on: 2011-08-1

Sisters (Nidhi and Nishtha) with some "Art and Attitude" mixed both and started Artitude 6 months ago, there has been an age old debate, regarding functionality and beauty ? which is more important? Artitude is a brand of home accessories, that aims at putting this debate to rest, because both functionality and beauty are an integral part of a good design. We at Artitude with our products combine the aesthetics of beauty and art, with essence of functionality and form.

Currently they are retailing in Bangalore through a boutique store called "Sunshine Boulevard" and another high end lifestyle store called "Featherlite Living". Other than this we also sell mail order through our Facebook page, till their website goes up.

We take it a step further and reinvent the box, we say art does not have to be just a beautiful painting or photograph that can be hung on the wall, it can be functional as well. In our products the wax shell of a candle, metamorphoses into the canvas of a watercolor artist. Art prints are pasted on the wax shells which make the artwork glow once a simple tea light is lit inside the wax shell.

A beautiful renaissance Victorian painting, is hung on the wall, or taken of the wall propped in a corner with its inbuilt support frame or even further with the snap of a couple of latches it becomes a perfect usable chair. Multi functional yes ? but even beyond that a conversation piece.

Shelves inspired by the dialog box of a comic strip add a quirky element to any wall, useful for keeping a few books and knick knacks. The backs of these shelves can be customized with personal photographs that we can print on to the wood itself, adding an element of fun.

Our recent collection is ?Sunrise in the Woods?. Wherein a series of hand crafted multifunctional products have been designed. Tall curio shelves, glow with the beauty of light, filtering through the contemporary floral cutwork. A product which is a lamp, a curio shelf and an aesthetic piece. Wooden panels, that lend the magic of light and aesthetics to your walls, adding ambience, warmth and style to any d?cor. Tables that glow, adding character to any space.

A series of products which aim at creating a unique fusion of art and functionality , after all function is the body and beauty is the soul of a good design.

What they have to say about their journey so far has been fabulous, when you give birth to an idea, it is really like giving birth:) from the anxiety, to pain to extreme joy one really gets to experience the entire spectrum of emotion. After birth the idea becomes real and then you nurture it and see it grow, slowly and steadily it gains strength, giving you joy in its every growth step and that is where we are with their 'lil' baby "Artitude".

Times Interior wishes them all sucess for thier journey forward and hope lot more people follow their footsteps