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Space Designer

Space Designer is a young firm of committed designers offering innovative design solutions. currently with a team of 12 professionals, the team is successfully handling projects of diverse nature and requirement.

The firm also has a team of inhouse consultants from the fields of electrical, structural, hvac, security, landscaping etc. so as to offer comprehensive solutions. The team has successfully completed numerous Residences, banks, office spaces and clinics of varied scales.

The Times InteriorThe Times Interior

This 1900 sqft design concept was to create a pad for a young couple with a warm, vibrant youthful feel. The clients also desired an overall sense of space & a home that would enhance & reflect their personal life style. In this project our team followed a contemporary approach to design that revolved around straight lines blended seamlessly with an eclectic material palette to compose a sophisticated and an understated design.

The Times InteriorThe Times Interior

Warm shades of wood and muted colours lend an understated elegance to the space. while neutrals dominate this residence , the varied material palette via the furnishings, wallpapers, art and artifacts lend vibrancy to the space. automation in lighting was an important consideration in design as it helped create different moods within the same space as could be seen in the living room,which could be reformatted easily to accomodate varied programs and users.

Contact the Designer: pallavi@spacedesigner.in
Photo credits - Prashant Bhat